Why am I not getting any Kobo sales reported?

Kobo recently introduced a captcha to their login screen, which is designed to stop "bots" from logging in to their system. This was not directed at us (in fact, they are fine with what we do and have indicated that they will cooperate in finding a way for us to get our users' sales data from them), but it did stop us from getting access to your sales there.

We are waiting for them to implement changes that will allow us to access your sales data there. Unfortunately, there is no workaround such as exists at Amazon -- there is no way for you (or us in the form of a browser plug-in) to download a sales report from their site that would provide the necessary information in sufficient detail.

We will update this article and the Daily Update email when there are any changes to this situation. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

Update (11/16/2018): We have received an initial design for the proposed changes; while not all issues have been addressed, this represents a strong step in the right direction.

Update (12/1/2018): We have received a revised design for the proposed changes. Most issues have at least been discussed if not resolved. We are getting closer to a solution.

Update (12/20/2018): We are getting closer to implementing a solution. Watch for an email from us in the next couple days with instructions for you to give Kobo the okay to share your sales data with us.

Update (12/28/2018): We have sent out the email referred to in the 12/20 update. Please look for it and follow the instructions provided in it at your earliest convenience. Send us an email at Help@BookTrakr.com if you have not received the email.

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    Glynnis Campbell

    Thank you for staying on top of this!

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    Kathy Bennett

    Thanks for the update. Whenever the writing world throws you guys a curveball you step up. Thanks!

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    Cheryl Bolen

    I did submit to Kobo on the 28th and am still waiting for them to give my sales to BookTrakr. I'm assuming manpower is down over the holidays. 


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