Why are my books showing up multiple times in BookTrakr?

Sometimes, a book will show up in BookTrakr multiple times. Some of these can be resolved when the new book is activated, but others must remain separate. Which of these is the case depends largely on why the book is there multiple times. We'll address each reason in turn.

1. The book titles are not exactly the same. Since it is difficult to separate books that are merged when they should not be, BookTrakr is very picky about which books are merged automatically. The titles must be exactly identical (including punctuation, capitalization, and inclusion/exclusion of a subtitle or series name) in order for them to be merged. For these books, you can simply merge the new book with the existing book in the Book Activation screen. If you do not merge the books then, you should email our Support Center at Help@BookTrakr.com to assist you with merging the books.

2. You have multiple editions/versions of the same book at a given store. Currently, BookTrakr can handle only one SKU per store per book. So if you have two editions of the book at D2D, or you have a print book and an e-book at KDP, these must remain as separate books in BookTrakr. Please understand that we are working to lift this limitation, but it is a very fundamental assumption in BookTrakr and therefore requires a great deal of work to change. We will change that as soon as possible, but we can’t promise how soon it will happen.

3. I had print books at CreateSpace that were migrated to KDP, and now I cannot merge the new KDP SKU with the old one. This is the same issue as in #2 above, and has the same explanation.

If you have questions that are not answered here, please feel free to email us at Help@BookTrakr.com.

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    Brenda Hiatt Barber

    If the ebook DOES show up as available for merge, is that what we should do? Thanks! :)

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