How do I handle CreateSpace print books moving to Amazon/KDP?

Many users have asked questions about what they must do in BookTrakr when they (or CreateSpace) migrate their print books over to the Amazon/KDP dashboard. So here are some answers to the most commonly-asked questions:

Q: I’m seeing new books showing up when my print books migrate over. What can I/should I do about this?

A: You should activate them as new books if you don’t see the existing book in the list of merge choices. Make sure you give them titles in BookTrakr that are different from the e-book (e.g. "Original Title (Print)") so that you can tell them apart in the BookTrakr reports and charts.

Q: When I go to merge the book, why am I not seeing my book in the list of merge choices?

A:  BookTrakr currently only allows one product code per store per book (which means that you cannot have a KDP e-book and a KDP print-book on the same BookTrakr book). Please understand that we are working to lift this limitation, but it is a very fundamental assumption in BookTrakr and therefore requires a great deal of work to change. We are working on it and will change that as soon as possible, but we can’t promise how soon it will happen.

Q: Since I cannot merge the print book with my e-book, what should I do with it for now?

A: Activate it as another book, making sure that the title is a little different from the original book (we recommend something like “Original Title (Print)” so that it is clear that this is the print book). When the program is changed to lift the limitation of one product code per store per book, you will be able to combine the two books at that point.

Q: Why did you not address this problem before CreateSpace started their migration to KDP?

A: We actually started this project quite a while ago. There were some complicated issues to deal with, such as how to adequately test these changes before releasing them to everyone (with a change as big as this, there can be unforeseen problems and we want to limit those to those brave pioneers who are willing to take a few arrows in the back in order to help us work out all the problems that are inevitable with such a large change). You’ve seen this with KDP and the other vendors: they have a few users test new features before releasing them widely (and those few users get to use the new features ahead of everyone else, which is definitely a reason why many volunteer for that)! Other issues include how to minimize changes to features the users have learned already and how to minimize downtime as we release this feature to additional users.

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    Brenda Hiatt Barber

    If the ebook DOES show up as available for merge, is that what we should do? Thanks! :)

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