What are BookTrakr's billing policies?

Here are some of the details of BookTrakr's billing policies.
Free trial
BookTrakr offers you a two-week free trial. The clock starts when you activate your account by clicking on the link in the activation email. During this time, you do not need to provide us a credit card, but you should do so once you’ve decided to continue your service beyond the end of the free trial. We will not charge your card until the end of the free trial even if you give us your credit card early.
Levels of service
BookTrakr offers two different levels of service, with different costs: Basic, which tracks sales only, and Pro, which tracks sales plus ratings, rankings, and reviews. During your free trial, you receive pro-level service, but to continue to do so after the end off the free trial you must specifically select Pro service in the Payments tab of the Settings screen.
BookTrakr pricing not only depends on the level of service you select, but on the number of SKUs we are tracking for you. A SKU is a particular book at a particular store (for example, Amazon). If you have two copies of a book at a particular store (e.g. two editions), then they will count as two different SKUs even if they have the same name.
Billing tiers
Pricing is tier-based; that is, the price does not change every time you change the number of SKUs. Instead, their are tiers of service. The tiers are as follows: 0–9 SKUs, 10–49, 50–199, 200–399, 400–599, and so on, in 200 SKU tiers. You can find a pricing chart in the Payments tab of the Settings screen or here.
Referral credits
We offer a $5 referral credit for each user you refer. The Profile tab of the Settings screen  shows your referral code, along with a link you can give to friends so they do not have to enter the referral code. They must use the link or provide the code when they sign up in order for you to receive your referral credit. The credit will be posted to your account when their card is charged for the first time. The credit will apply to your next bill, and may create a credit balance which is carried over until used. There is no limit to the number of referral credits you can receive.
Prorated charges
If your price changes during the middle of a billing period (either up or down), we prorate your cost for the rest of the billing period. In essence we credit you for the time remaining under the old plan and charge you for the time remaining on the new plan. With monthly billing, that pro-rated difference will be charged or credited on your next monthly bill. For yearly billing, if the new plan is more expensive than the old plan, we will bill you for the difference after waiting a day (in case there are more changes either up or down). If the new plan is less expensive than the old plan, the difference will be credited against your next bill (because our billing provider does not provide a way to automatically refund credits) — you may request a refund from us and we will process it manually.
Billed in advance
BookTrakr bills you monthly (or annually if you so choose) at the beginning of the period. This means that when your two-week free trial expires, we will bill you in advance for the next month (or year) of service, and again at the beginning of each billing period.
No refunds for unused time
If you decide to cancel the BookTrakr service, we do not generally issue refunds for the remaining time on your plan. If you feel that you deserve a refund (for example because we failed to provide the service as advertised), you should feel free to contact us to explain why you think you deserve a refund, and we may decide to make an exception in your case.
Failed charges
If we are unable to charge your card (whether because of expiration, card cancellation or other reason), we will notify you and try again in three days. If the card is no longer valid, we expect you to provide us with a valid credit card during that time (we will try to charge again when you provide the new card). We will disable your use of the BookTrakr website until payment is received, but you will continue to receive Daily Update emails in the meantime. If the second attempt fails, we will try again in five days. If that attempt fails, we will stop sending Daily Update emails, although we will continue gathering data, so it will be there when you do eventually provide us with a valid credit card. We will also try again for the last time after another seven days. If this last attempt fails, we will stop processing data on your behalf and schedule your account for deletion (generally happening seven days from when we schedule it). You can still reactivate your account prior to deletion by providing a credit card, and while sales data and reviews can be retrieved for the time after the last attempt, we cannot provide ratings or rankings from that time. Each time a payments attempt fails, we will send you an email indicating the reason for failure (or at least what our credit card processor tells us is the reason).
Billing errors
We do our best to bill you accurately, but we would be naive to assume that no mistakes will happen. If you feel you are billed in error, or simply have a question about why we billed you the amount we did, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at help@booktrakr.com, and we will address your concerns or questions.
If you have any questions about these Billing Policies, please don’t hesitate to email us at help@booktrakr.com with your questions.
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