How can I see information for just one book, one store, or one country?

Sometimes you want to limit your sales charts to show only one particular book, store, or country. For books, you can also choose an entire "shelf", or group, of books. You can do that with the scope pickers, labeled (1), (2), and (3) below:

A related option, labeled (4) above, controls what each colored portion on the chart's bars represents. For example, if (4) is set to Book and (2) is set to Amazon, the bars on the chart will still have a portion for each book, but the heights will only represent Amazon sales. If you switch (4) to Store while (2) is set to Amazon, you'll see one undivided bar for Amazon sales, with sales for all books mixed together.

Note that the Book picker also allows you to pick a bookshelf.  For more information on bookshelves see

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