How do I control the time period my sales charts cover?

You can control the amount of time shown in your chart using the picker labeled (2) in the diagram below, and pick the date to show with the field labeled (3). The available amounts of time include Week, Fortnight (two weeks), Month, Two Months, Quarter, Year, and All Time.

For Week and Fortnight, (3) will be a text field you can type a date into; you can also click the field and choose a date on the pop-down calendar. BookTrakr's weekly charts always start on a Monday, no matter which day you put in field (3). For Fortnight charts, BookTrakr will show the week before the one you selected as well as the selected week.

For Month, Two Months, Quarter, and Year, (3) will be a drop-down list of available options. BookTrakr's monthly charts always start on the first of the month; quarterly charts always start at the beginning of the quarter, and yearly charts always begin with January 1. For Two Months charts, BookTrakr will show the month before the one you selected as well as the selected month.

When looking at some of the charts for longer periods, you may find there are too many bars or points to make sense of the chart. You can use the picker labeled (1) in the diagram above to choose how long a period each bar or point should cover. Available options are Daily (each bar includes a day's sales), Weekly (each bar includes a week's sales), or Monthly (each bar includes a month's sales). Choose a longer time span to make the chart simpler; choose a shorter one for a more detailed look.

By default, BookTrakr shows a daily chart of the current week's sales.

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