How accurate is data from Smashwords?

Smashwords has two different sales reports: the Sales and Payments report and the Daily Sales report. The Daily Sales report is timely, but not very detailed, while the Sales and Payments report is extremely detailed but not very timely. We can't use the Daily Sales report because it does not provide sufficient detail (no country information, and no royalty information. So we use the Sales and Payments report. Smashwords updates this report daily, but since they use only audited data from their distributors, the data from these distributors is reported sporadically. Smashwords posts Apple, Amazon, Kobo, and B&N data monthly or quarterly, so Smashwords sales at these stores can run 1 to 3 months behind. Sales in the Smashwords store, on the other hand, are posted on the day of the sale, so those sales will be reflected in your sales reports the next day.

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