Why do you need the passwords to my store accounts?

In order to get your sales figures, BookTrakr must log in to the booksellers' sites on your behalf. There is simply no way to get accurate sales numbers without access to accounts. Some other services guess sales based on rankings, but those estimates can be wildly inaccurate.

We use the most sophisticated methods available to keep your logins and passwords safe. All of your sensitive data is kept encrypted; only parts of the software that need to use your passwords can decrypt them. BookTrakr employees cannot see your logins or passwords.

Our support for Google Play uses a completely different procedure where you grant BookTrakr access to your account without giving us any passwords, and you can also set up a separate iTunes Connect user with limited access for BookTrakr to use. Unfortunately, the other bookstores don't yet offer similar options; we're lobbying to get them to add them, and will adopt them if they become available.

We understand that not all potential users will be comfortable sharing their passwords with us. All we can do is ask you to trust us.

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