How accurate is data from Draft2Digital?

BookTrakr gets its D2D data initially from the D2D "Charts" display. This display provides sales data (units and royalties) on a daily basis by sales channel. Note that country information is not available here. During the Initial Fetch, we can retrieve this information back for about 18 months. Any information further back than that will be obtained from the "Raw Data" as described in the next paragraph.

Around the third or fourth day of the new month, D2D provides, in the "Raw Data" display, an audited list of all sales from the previous month. At this point, the sales do include country of origin, so BookTrakr can use this information to further refine its sales data to reflect the country of origin. However, there is one exception to this: Apple information in this display is lumped together for the entire month (Apple months are different from calendar months by a few days).

As a result of the Apple data being lumped together, we had to decide whether having accurate information by day was more important or having accurate information by country was more important. We decided that having the data by day is more important, so we made the decision to not incorporate the country information into the sales. This applies only to sales where we have realtime data from the "Charts" display. For back history beyond what we can obtain from the "Charts" display, we take the monthly information at Apple and distribute it evenly throughout the month.

Furthermore, when D2D receives payment from the various sales channels, they may update the "Raw Data.” When this happens, we will detect this situation and update BookTrakr again, so you can be guaranteed that BookTrakr will have the most accurate data available at any time.

At this time, BookTrakr does not get ratings, rankings, and reviews for D2D books, nor does it have any way to show you sales by sales channel. Those two features will be available in a future release.
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