How accurate is data from Amazon?

BookTrakr obtains sales data for Amazon from the first tab of the Daily Sales Report which can be dowloaded from the KDP dashboard. The numbers on the first tab of the spreadsheet represent completed sales, whereas the second page (and the chart that you find on the KDP sales dashboard) represent "orders". Orders do not get closed until they are paid and delivered, so if payment is delayed or delivery is delayed because the purchase is gifted to someone, then the "sale" takes place on a different day than the "order".

The first tab of the report does not include lending data with the rest of the sales info, so we get lending info from the second page of the report. Lending Revenue is estimated at $0.0045 per page (the actual number has historically been closer to $0.005, but we prefer to underestimate and have you be pleasantly surprised when we post the actual lending revenue from the monthly report) -- we adjust this estimated revenue per page every month based on what Amazon is actually paying.

You can download the KDP sales report by clicking on the "Generate Report" button at the bottom of the KDP Sales Dashboard page. Adjusting the date range above that will control which dates are included on the report.

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